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The Steerman Bale Handler by Jensen

The Steerman Bale Handler Truck Bed by Jensen | Branson - Springfield, MO

Classic installs and services bale handler truck beds.

Making sure your cattle are well fed means a healthier herd and more return on your investment when market time comes. That's why it's important that your feeding equipment can perform under any conditions. Reliability is the key to getting the job done and the Steerman Round Bale Handler by Jensen is just that kind of equipment. The Steerman was built with the farmer and rancher in mind. Built in Kansas, by people who know the business, the Steerman allows you to take care of your herd with confidence on a daily basis.

The Steerman Bale Handler Truck Bed by Jensen | Branson - Springfield, MO

The Steerman is built for 3/4 or 1 ton trucks and can become an all in one vehicle very eaSily. With our hydraulic powered bale handler. built to become part of our Jensen heavy duty flatbeds, the Steerman offers you the most fleXibility and dependability available on the market today. We incorporate our hide-a-way hitch or trap door for gooseneck hook-up and a 2" receiver hitch. Our control pendant with cable, offers you complete comfort and fleXibility to operate the Steerman from inside or outside of your cab. The Steerman can pick up and haul two bales* at highway speeds and deliver the bales wherever you need them. The Steerman allows you to unroll your bales on uneven ground with an unrestricted free-float system operated by the control pendant.

When it comes time to feed your cattle or perform many other chores on your ranch or farm, remember the Steerman Bale Handler by Jensen, it's the one that will make your life easier.

Heavy Duty - Bale Handler, for use on 3(4 or 1 ton trucks. The bale handler stores along side of the rugged flatbed to assure an unobstructed bed for other farm and ranch uses.

Usage - Synchronized bale arms provide side-to-side centering of bales being loaded. Grip range of 22" to 107" with optional spinners mounted.

Feeding - Unrestricted free-float bale unrolling compensates for out-of-round bales or uneven ground contours.

Speed - Bale loading time of 9 seconds at fast idle speed using 6 GPM live hydraulic system.

All Weather - High capacity valves, lines, and filters provide smooth operation in tough weather conditions.

Control - Full operator control from inside or outside of truck cab by means of control pendant utilizing pump switch and solenoid actuated valves.

Component Protection - reservoir tank and valve manifold are mounted inside of tool box to provide protection against the elements.

Auxiliary Use - Hydraulic quick couplers are placed at rear of bed to enhance the use of your truck.

Standard Equipment:

  • Hide-A-Way™ hitch for gooseneck hookup
  • Bulkhead with stop light and work lights mounted in crossbar
  • Tool Boxes (15" x 12" x 25")
  • Hydraulic quick couplers at rear of bed
  • Rear drop hitch
  • Electric Hydraulics (1st Option) – Pump, motor, valve manifold, and batteries mounted inside of tool box
  • Live Hydraulics (2nd Option) – Reservoir tank and valve manifold mounted inside of tool box
  • Control pendant for full operation inside or outside of truck cab
Truck Bed Bale Handler | Branson - Springfield, MO

Bed Specifications

  • 1 Ton - 98" X 9' or 11'
  • 1 Ton - 92" x 9' or 11'
  • 3/4 Ton - 85" X 8'6"

Hydraulic System Options

  • Live Hydraulic sized for system with tail board auxiliary (6 GPM)
  • Live Hydraulic sized for system and high capacity auxiliary (15 GPM)
  • PTO/Hydraulic with capacity same as 1 or 2 above.
  • Electric/Hydraulic sized for system with no auxiliary (3 GPM)

Additional Options

  • Spinners
  • Side Rails