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Has this ever happened to you?

By In Blog On July 27, 2012

TRAILER DOC Mark here.  Has this ever happened to you?

You are heading out the door, gotta get the horses in the trailer and get to the show. You look at your watch, oh no, already over 15 minutes late. Thank goodness you hitched the trailer to the truck last night before you went to the house. You throw the horses in the trailer and your off…….WHOA, there, slow down just a minute. That one minute could save your life, the lives of others, even the lives of your animals. Did you make sure the hitch ball and trailer coupler are locked together properly? What about the bearings, did you check your wheels before you started? How about the floor, was it clean before you loaded up so it was dry? For these and other trailer towing tips so you are safe as possible come see me, Mark Wheeler, or give us a call at Classic, 417-831-3022.

Have a great week!

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