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Has this ever happened to you?

By In Blog On December 06, 2012

TRAILER DOC MARK Here!  Has this ever happened to you?

You are travelling down the highway and see a trailer up ahead.  No lights warning you to slow down or stop.  You continue going the speed limit or maybe faster until you realize they are stopped in the road with NO lights on their trailer. We’ve all seen ‘em….you know the people who DON’T have lights that work on their trailer.  Maybe you are one of them!  Yikes!  If you are, please, stop being a danger to all others out on the highway.  Plug your trailer in to your tow vehicle, check the lights and get them working correctly.  You may not get stopped often for not having lights that work unless you are a commercial hauler. BUT when you do get stopped for something else, expect a hefty fine for lights that don’t work.  Here are some guidelines that may help:

All trailers 16 ft in length from tongue to rear MUST have light markers in front, on the fenders and in the rear as well as conspicuity tape or reflective tape that is white and red.

ALL trailers must have working rear tail lights that shine red when they are lit during the evening, brighter when making a stop and have signaling capabilities.

FINALLY, check all your connections when your lights don’t work or bring your trailer to us for a thorough check out.  Call us at 417-831-3022.  We’ll get the job done in a timely manner and you’ll be going down the highway in a safe manner.

Happy Trailering!

Trailer Doc Mark

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