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What about new trailers?

By In Blog On August 31, 2012

TRAILER DOC Mark here.  What about new trailers?

You just bought your trailer – it’s brand new!  Great!  I know you are so excited because you may have had an older trailer for way too long.  Remember to pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations for taking care of your trailer.  I know, I know, the reading seems dull and boring, something to read before you go to bed and put you to sleep.  BUT there are many things in their booklets that are helpful to you so make sure you take a few minutes and at least get to know your trailer better by this avenue.  Your trailer dealer/manufacturer didn’t give you that information?  Call 417-831-3022 or stop in to GO Classic and visit with us. We are just north of Division Street on the North West Bypass in Springfield, Missouri, which is just one mile south of Interstate 44 off of Exit 75.  Bring your trailer and we will help you understand what -you need to watch and how to care for your new trailer.

Have a great week!  

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